Contestants for 2001 Pageant
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Thuy Hieu Phuong Loan Tuyet Trinh Hue Chau
Duong Thi Hieu
San Jose State, San Jose
Tran Phuong Loan
San Jose State, San Jose
Nguyen Nu Tuyet Trinh
Evergreen College, San Jose
Truong Hue Chau
Laney College, Oakland
Quynh Trang Nhu Y Xuan Tien Ngoc Thao
Do Quynh Trang
DeAnza College, Milpitas
Nguyen Nhu Y
Evergreen College, San Jose
Dang Xuan Tien
DeAnza College, San Jose
Do Ngoc Thao
Sacramento City, Sacramento
Hong An Thu Bich Hong Phuong Minh Tu
Nguyen Thi Hong An
America College, San Jose
Dao Ngoc Thu Bich
Milpitas High, Milpitas
Le Hong Phuong
University of Pacific, Stockton
Van Thi Minh Tu
DeAnza College, San Jose
Sendy Nguyen My Linh Kelly Thu Thuy
Nguyen Thi Sendy
Mt Diablo Hight, Concord
Phan My Linh
San Francisco State, San Francisco
Nguyen Tu Anh
San Jose High, San Jose
Dinh Thi Thu Thuy
Cupertino High, Cupertino


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