Tran Chi Phuc interviews Hoa Hau Le Hong Phuong
and fortune teller about the upcoming New Year on air.

Hoa Hau Le Hong Phuong listens carefully to the question
before responding on radio Thung Lung Hoa Vang.

Radio Station coordinator smiles for the camera.

Le Hong Phuong poses for the camera with Tran Chi Phuc.

My Linh interviews Miss Vietnam Queen and Princesses. Left to Right: A Hau III Pham Hong Phuc, Hoa Hau Le Hong Phuong, A Hau II Le Nguyen Christina, My Linh.

My Linh and Quoc Vinh interviews Hoa Hau and A Hau 2007
on KVVN 1430 AM.

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