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Trong một năm qua, với vai trò là Hoa Hậu Áo Dài miền Bắc California, Thanh Xuân rất vui mừng và hân hạnh được quen biết, làm việc với các hội đoàn tổ chức của cộng đồng chúng ta. Đây là thời gian có nhiều kỷ niệm đẹp, và được học hỏi rất nhiều, mà suốt cuôc đời không bao giờ Thanh Xuân có thể quên được.

Nhân dịp này, Thanh Xuân xin thành thật cảm tạ toàn thể Cộng Đồng, Ban Hoa Hậu Áo Dài, các Bạn Hoa Hậu và đặc biệt gia đình, bạn bè đã thương mến, giúp đỡ, hướng dẫn Thanh Xuân để trở thành được như hôm nay.

Hôm nay trước khi trao vương miện lại cho Tân Hoa Hậu Áo Dài năm 2004, Thanh Xuân xin mến chúc toàn thể các bạn thí sinh thật nhiều may mắn và vui vẻ. Sau hết, Thanh Xuân xin gửi lời Chúc Mừng Năm Mới đến Ban Tổ Chức Hoa Hậu và toàn thể qúy vị.

February 1, 2003 was the day that changed my life. I'm honored to have gained the trust from the members of my community and much grateful for being crowned Miss Vietnam of Northern California 2003. I've had so many fond memories over the year that I'm sure will be forever treasured for the rest of my life. Being crowned Miss Vietnam of Northern California has been an insightful experience as well as a great honor to myself, friends and family.

I'm much thankful for the support and acceptance of the Vietnamese communities, especially those of Northern California. Everyone has opened their hearts to welcome and encourage me to be the best that I can be. With the Pageant committee, I found a second family who has taught me so much over the year. Without their hard work and dedications, the Miss Vietnam of Northern California pageant may not even exist or be as successful for the past seventeen years. With this immense support and encouragement, I've grown from a passive, shy, timid, hesitant, and soft-spoken individual to an extroverted, sociable, and a confident lady who knows what she wants in life and become an active participant in her society.

Once again, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to my loved ones, the pageant committee, and my community members for their continuing endorsements to assist me in my maturation. I see myself continuing on as an active member of our community and hope your support will persist as I pursue my goals and dreams in life. I would also like to take this moment to wish everyone a prosperous and happy new year. Last, but definitely not least, I wish our 2004 contestants the best of luck. It takes great audacity to present oneself to the community to show everyone the uniqueness of our Ao Dai and share the exquisiteness of Vietnamese females. Each and everyone are so special and beautiful; to me, all of you are pageant winners because of your courage and pleasant characters. To all the ladies out there, don't forget that it does not take a crown to make a queen but it is what's inside that makes us who we are.

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