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Viet Thi
Being Miss Vietnam of Northern California has been a great honor and a profound experience for me not only during my reign in 2002, but also for the rest of my life. I'm deeply enjoyed the events that I attended and the wonderful people that I met. It has been a blessing for me to have an opportunity to make a difference in the Vietnamese Community.

I have received warm wishes, sincere appreciation, and special recognition from my parents, friends, and the Vietnamese Community. They warmly embraced me, as I appeared in public in beautiful traditional Vietnamese long dress that symbolized Vietnamese culture that is so well preserved and highly respected. I have realized how important my role is to the community in bridging the generation gap and created better understanding between diverse cultures. In some small ways, I helped older Vietnamese generation understand how difficult their children have to struggle between adapting to a new Western ways of life while preserving their roots. By using myself as an example, I communicated to the Vietnamese youths that it is important not only that they excel in education and achieve social status, but also to discover their heritage and be proud of their Vietnamese culture.

As I participated in different social and public events, I gained a lot of self-confidence and determination to succeed. I grew from a shy girl to a graceful lady with the love, encouragement, and support from my parents and the Miss Vietnam of Northern California Pageant family. I would like to extend my deepest thanks to Mr. An Vu, Mr. Tuy Le, Mrs. Huyen Tran, and Ms. Hong An, Miss Vietnam of Northern CA. 2001. Your restless work had made the Pageant's activities went smoothly, and I'm so blessed to work with such wonderful and inspiring leaders. Also, equally important, I'm very pleased and appreciated the good work and close cooperation among the princesses of my court whose contributions have made the social and cultural events in the Vietnamese Community so memorable and joyful.

To all the contestants for this year Miss Vietnam Tet Pageant of 2003, it is a joy to work with all of you. Your energy and enthusiasm will always remind me how lively and lovely my youth is when beautiful faces and warm-hearted individuals surrounding me. I strongly believe that the next Miss Vietnam of Northern California will gain the trust and admiration of the community.

And lastly, I wish everyone a very prosperous, safe, and happy New Year.

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