Cai Luong Ho Quang Vo Tac Thien - Montgomery Theatre
Once again in our efforts to preserve the Vietnamese musical arts, Viet ET Foundation proudly presents Vietnamese Opera "Cai Luong Ho Quang", which is a form of theatrical art unique of Vietnam, with an evolving history of 75 years. "Vo Tac Thien" is a synthesis of stylized action, singing dialogue, and acrobatic fighting to depict different characters and to tell stories of historical events during an ancient dynasty. We hope this would be the first of its series of Vietnamese Opera and we look forward to bringing you more of such dazzling performances.

We are committed to bring you a first class production, "Cai Luong Ho Quang - Vo Tac Thien". This is a continuous 3-hour play in which our very dedicated artists are here to bring you the quality theatrical art that is unparalled by any other prior Cai Luong productions.

Tickets are divided into different types, VIP pass, First Class and General Seating. All seats are guaranteed. The staff at the theatre will provide professional and courteous arrangements. Advanced purchase is recommended for optimal seating.

Time Sunday, May 28 From 3:00PM - 6:30PM
Location Montgomery Theatre

Ngoc Huyen Vu Luan Huong Lan Phuong Lien Tuan Phong
Tuan Phong Binh Trang Huong Huyen Lam Nhat Thien Mai The Hiep

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